Macrobiotic Nutrition

Nutrition that gives you back your lost health

What does the Macrobiotic nutrition consist of?

Long lasting life, this is the definition that George Oshawa gives to this way of nourishing our body.

The macrobiotic believe that we must take into consideration several aspects of life, to determine a perfect eating style.

Climate, work, geographic location and health condition of each person.

Long lasting life, but also a full and happy life, this is what Macrobiotic nutrition consists of.

I have been following this way of nourishing our body for some time now and, do you know what I have noticed since I eat this way? A feeling of living a full life, I feel my body getting healed from the inside, mostly my bowels; since I was a little girl, I have suffered with irritable bowel.

This feeling of internal healing is the consequence of the effects of following a macrobiotic diet, having limited all meats (in my case I have totally eliminated them), eating whole grain cereals and legumes, which act as soothers of the nervous system, mostly due to the vitamin B they provide us with.  Our body obtains a calmness which is difficult to explain, we can concentrate much more easily.

mar-y-cieloWhen we eliminate expansive foods like sugar, excess of fruits, juices and salads, we feel better, especially in our bowels.

When we notice bowel swelling, we feel bad, restless, we eat more and consequently, this causes our irritable bowel symptoms to aggravate:

  • Intestinal gases
  • Diarrhea / Constipation
  • Bad mood
  • Headache / Migraine
  • Weight gain

Many people who follow a macrobiotic nutrition have a remission or disappearance of diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, migraine, arthrosis and osteoporosis, lupus, cancer

Having healthy bowels helps us to prevent and treat diseases like the ones mentioned before.

But not everybody can follow a strict macrobiotic diet.

Some people get ill with a macrobiotic diet.

They are people with blood group O.

I know many of you will think this is not true.

With my years of experience treating people with different blood groups, I’ve been able to verify personally that they can insist in being vegetarians, or in following a macrobiotic diet, but individuals with blood group O just can’t accomplish it.

I know cases of people convinced in following this type of nourishing their body, who after months of trying to follow a macrobiotic diet have had to surrender and start including white meat in their diet, at least 2 or 3 times a week, not too much.

Considering the rest of the diet, they have been able to follow all its guidelines without any problems.

Why does this happen?

Blood group O is hunter/harvester and his primitive nutrition was based on hunting, and something has remained in them from those ancestors.

They need to eat some meat to feel well and in full capacity.

There are also people who don’t metabolize vegetal protein from cereals and legumes correctly, these people must search the cause and find the cereals and legumes which adapt better to their metabolism.

In my therapy I’ve gone a little bit further.

I have linked several concepts together, to create a macrobiotic nutrition, but a gluten free macrobiotic nutrition, easier to understand and to follow, without great complications and without big economical expenses.  To this we add the healthy Mediterranean diet.

I include gluten free cereals and flours into the diet, excluding cereals which contain it.

Which cereals can we include in this diet, which are healthy and gluten free?

  • Millet
  • Soy
  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Corn, but this one with care

To these cereals, we add legumes and we obtain the best vegetal protein we can get, and much healthier.

  • Vegetal milks made of above mentioned cereals
  • Fish, twice or three times a week
  • Algae, included in our meals
  • Egg, once a week
  • We can prepare homemade rice bread, more natural and very affordable

Many people are unconsciously following a macrobiotic diet, putting these concepts of nutrition into practice, only because they want to change their physical and emotional condition.

Following a macrobiotic diet makes us feel inner peace, and we can apply that peace to our everyday life. If the world followed a healthy diet, most probably there would be less war, and living would be better.

The macrobiotic diet offers us the possibility to feel inner balance, ant to notice how our body heals by itself.

At these moments of world crisis, with cuts in all aspects, including health care expenses, with an appropriate nutrition we could prevent, treat and heal many diseases, eliminating expensive pharmacy costs, which are so little effective sometimes.

We can cure many diseases just by changing our “presently intoxicating” nutrition into a healing nutrition which cleans our bowels, kidneys and liver.

We can find this in a macrobiotic diet.

The diets I propose in my books are healthy and they can help preventing, treating and curing those diseases which are slowly devastating our planet.

Now, we will clear up some of your doubts about the following questions:

The Macrobiotic diet doesn’t produce anemia. There are foods that provide more iron than meat, which is easier to assimilate by our body. For example, alga spirulina.  Including this alga in your diet, you won’t have any iron deficiency.

The Macrobiotic diet doesn’t decalcify us, on the contrary, when we replace the foods that eliminate calcium from our diet; we must no longer worry about it.  Foods that remove calcium from our body are, among others, dairy products and sugar.  If we include whole grain cereals, vegetables and algae, we must not have any deficiency of this mineral.

The Macrobiotic diet doesn’t leave our body undernourished or dehydrated; the diet includes hot fluids like three year tea and soups, apart from recommending drinking water when thirsty.

The Macrobiotic diet should not limit our going out with friends and relatives.  It shouldn’t suppose a burden.  The diet is easy to follow in any restaurant. A dish with rice and vegetables is available in the menu of almost any restaurant.  And so is a dish with fish and vegetables.

We must not go to extremes, neither with this diet nor with any other type of nutrition.  Extremes are bad for anything in life.

We want to follow a healthy and happy life, and a Macrobiotic nutrition, without taking it to extremes, can bring us that happiness.

About the Author:

Maribel Ortells - Nutritionist

Nutritionist specialized in autoimmune diseases, author and lecturer

Maribel Ortells Badenes

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