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Reading is undoubtedly a useful exercise. But does then the value of what you are reading? Definitely, Yes. Reading, in addition to the development of memory and improve the quality of speech, affects our emotional development. On our spiritual sphere. So if you read high quality books written in beautiful style, you absorb like a sponge, correct expression, the beauty of the words. Learn the characters right and negative actions. Reading, at first glance, lightweight and affordable tabloid novels, you have the ability to harm, as his speech and emotional perception. With extreme caution should be taken to the books written with the help of NLP programming, often used in religious literature, circulated by the various sects. Nazi propaganda, incitement to violence is unlikely to evoke in the reader good and bright. In addition to such publications can affect the psyche so that one is able to take up arms and go kill innocent people or to kill herself. Therefore, the choice of books should be treated no less responsible than building a quality healthy diet. After all, books are brain food. And we are is what we consume.

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